Tuesday, 19 April 2011

AUDIO REVIEW: Second Doctor Box Set - 2. The Destroyers

The story starts off with a pretty suspenseful and eerie set-up. Eventually, the Daleks turn up and actually prove themselves to be quite formidable for a change, ruthlessly killing everyone in a base station before the start of a typically eighties theme tune which spoils the tone somewhat. Then we meet up with Sara Kingdom, and considering that all her stories so far for Big Finish have been very good, I'm hoping for more of the same. It will go nicely with the lottery win I'm also hoping for.

While the following scene that sees Sara trying to find her team and get to the base station seems to drag a tad as they encounter various obstacles (one), it's still a pleasant ride. I just couldn't help but think where, (and when) it was going. When we get there, we find the Dalek kindly left a survivor to report everything to Sara's team. I think Dalek Steve may have a faulty weapon.

The Daleks then discover survivors and send Unit 2 - lets hope Dalek Steve isn't in that Unit - to deal with them. The rest of the story is then devoted Sara and her team and it soon gets boring with nothing much having happened at all until the end where someone remembers that the Daleks were supposed to be in this. Cue a quick battle and a resolution and a feeling of relief as you realise that unlike the previous story, this one ends after one disc.

Score: 4/7

Released: December 2010
Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: Terry Nation
Adapted By: Nicholas Briggs and John Dorney
Director: Lisa Bowerman

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

REVIEW Second Doctor Box Set 1. Prison In Space

While not entirely original, a story about women ruling the planet, or having any creative use of time or high action scenes, the story marched on at decent enough pace and told an enjoyable enough story. The Doctor and Jamie get sent to a prison for the inferiors (males) while Zoe is sent for reconditioning.
There isn't exactly much here to praise, but there's less to pick at. It was okay, with some pretty good performances. The highlights probably being when Jamie and The Doctor (in seperate occasions) both suddenly realise they didn't get the not so subtle hints they were been given. And given that those are highlights, you can imagine how so averagely non-exciting the rest is. The only downside I can say about this, besides there being any real presence of an upside, is that this story was given over to two discs.

Score - 4/7

Released: December 2010
Published By: Big Finish
Written By: Dick Sharples
Adapted By: Simon Guerrier
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman