Saturday, 14 May 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who Lost Stories - Thin Ice

The first of the Seventh Doctor stories that weren't made due to cancellation. The Doctor and Ace land in the middle of the Cold War amidst various powers trying to take advantage of or recover alien tech. Depsite Sylvester and Sophie having played their roles for the last few years in the main range, it feels a bit more like they're picking up their roles from the TV series rather than how they seem to have developed over the last few years.

Or maybe that's just a psycological trick I'm playing on myself because this was supposed to be an actual episode.

The characters are enjoyable enough and there's just enough mystery in the first half about the who what and why of everything to keep it mildly interesting because nothing much really happens, especially in the middle. It picked up again towards the end and there were some nice character moments between Ace and The Doctor.

Score: 4.5/7

Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: Marc Platt
Director: Ken Bentley
Release: 14th April 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who 146: Heroes Of Sontar

The Fifth Doctor and his annoying companions land on a planet (Samur) covered in moss that attacks Nyssa. As they investigate they come across a bunch of idiots. Like the TV story The Chase which featured Daleks in training, this story features Sontarans that are equally as useless at being what they are. Steve (as I shall call him) Sontaran is always being corrected on his protocol.

In fact, I think Steve Sontaran makes a better Dalek and Dalek Steve (off of The Chase) would make a better Sontaran. Not that any of the Sontarans in this possess anything resembling intelligence.