Thursday, 23 June 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who Lost Stories 2.4 - Crime Of The Century

7th Doctor, Ace, & Raine

The first part was just a pleasure to listen to from start to finish as they introduced Raine. Her interaction with The Doctor is enjoyable as he enjoys being so typically the Seventh Doctor. Meanwhile Ace is sent on a mission by The Doctor. It's just 25 minutes of listening to the Seventh Doctor, being the Seventh Doctor.

The story picks up after this, but seems to take a back seat to the building relationship between Raine and The Doctor - not that the main story wasn't interesting. The Doctor dragging Raine around as his grand plan slowly unfolds, as though he's also steadily introducing her to thrills of being a companion. They work well together here and Ace's side story was interesting enough too.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who 147: Kiss Of Death

Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan, & Turlough

It may be a little unfair to review this one as I wasn't really in the mood when I was listening... or maybe I'm being too kind and it wasn't good enough to put me in the mood.

The first part seemed to go all over the place too quickly to follow but settles down by the second part where the more streamlined narrative held my attention more with more character interaction it seemed. The introduction of a character who was unintelligible however was quite annoying.

The only thing holding it together for me were the Turlough parts and what exactly his part in it all was. It was these smatterings of the story arc kept me listening as between the first part and the great mumbler, I couldn't keep track of what else was happening.

Score: 3/7

Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: Stephen Cole
Director: Ken Bentley
Release: May 2011

AUDIO REVIEW: Doctor Who Companion Chronicles 5.10 - The Sentinels Of The New Dawn

Liz Shaw & The Third Doctor

The first half of this passes somewhat uneventfully, which is something the writer realised towards the end when he decided to throw a monster in the middle of political intrigue. Maybe anticipating the audience would be asleep by then and needed waking up. There was almost a hint of the Third Doctor going all Seventh on us but he quickly chickened out of that and ruined what could have been an interesting (but predictable) twist to the story. This was just after the monster had been wrote out of the story just as quickly as it had appeared.

I think the writer may have been wrestling his integrity as a writer to write something interesting and possibly trying to win a bet he that couldn't write something boring. Maybe he just takes pleasure in getting people's hopes up before ripping them away. The story trundles on, never promising much and never delivering much.

On a good note however, they're mainly points about how it could be improved, because for all the 'it could have been so much better' - the story was pretty solidly told and never got complicated. I didn't really lose my attention to it and it entertained me for an hour. There were things wrong with it, and as mentioned, could have been better. Overall, it was okay.

Score: 4/7

Publisher: Big Finish
Writer: Paul Finch
Director: Lisa Bowerman
Release: April 2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Drunken Time Travel Podcast

Irish Gav and myself have attempted to start a podcast reviewing Doctor Who from the beginning. Who knows how long we will keep it up. I can't have that much to say about Doctor Who. Anyway, here's the link.

Drunken Time Travel Podcast